Understanding the Airbnb Cleaning Standards and Requirements

If you're a cleaner looking to meet and exceed Airbnb's rigorous cleaning standards, you're in the right place.

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By Taylor Munsell
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Welcome to the exciting world of Airbnb cleaning! If you're a cleaner looking to meet and exceed Airbnb's rigorous cleaning standards, you're in the right place.

In this blog post, we'll explore why clean Airbnbs are so important, delve into Airbnb's cleaning standards and guidelines, and uncover ways to go above and beyond for your guests.

So, gather your cleaning supplies, and let's embark on this informative and entertaining journey together!

Why Clean Airbnbs Matter

Imagine arriving at your dream vacation rental, eagerly anticipating a spotless space that surpasses your expectations. Airbnb understands the power of cleanliness, which is why they've established specific standards to ensure consistently delightful experiences for guests like never before.

In fact, hosts who meet or exceed these standards enjoy a whopping 20% increase in positive reviews. It's clear that cleanliness plays a pivotal role in enhancing guest satisfaction and driving business success.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Airbnb recognizes the significant impact cleanliness has on guest experiences. Clean and well-maintained accommodations contribute to guest satisfaction and positive reviews, which ultimately drive more bookings and business success. By maintaining high cleanliness standards, you'll not only meet guest expectations but also enhance your reputation as a trusted cleaner.

Airbnb Cleaning Standards and Guidelines

Here are the core cleaning standards set forth by Airbnb.

Core Cleaning Principles

Airbnb emphasizes attention to detail and thorough cleaning. Key areas to focus on include floors, surfaces, bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.  

Safety Measures

As a cleaner, you must prioritize the safety of both guests and yourself.

Turnover Times and Quick Cleanings

Airbnb properties often have quick turnovers between guests, making efficiency a key factor. Guests expect clean accommodations upon arrival, and meeting their expectations is vital for positive reviews and guest satisfaction.

Going the Extra Mile

To truly stand out as an exceptional cleaner, consider going above and beyond Airbnb's basic cleaning requirements. Here are some additional tasks you can offer as value-added services:

  • Deep Cleaning: Suggest deep cleaning services at regular intervals to ensure thorough sanitization and maintain a fresh environment.
  • Attention to Detail: Pay special attention to small details like dusting hard-to-reach areas, cleaning windows for streak-free views, and organizing spaces for a polished look.
  • Personal Touches: Add personalized elements such as folded towels, scented candles, or fresh flowers to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Adapting to Changing Standards

Airbnb's cleaning standards and guidelines may evolve over time. Stay up-to-date with any updates or changes by regularly reviewing the Airbnb website, attending training sessions or webinars, and joining relevant cleaning communities. By staying informed, you can continuously meet the latest requirements and deliver exceptional cleaning services.

How CleaningBnB Can Help You Exceed Standards

As a cleaner aiming to meet and exceed Airbnb's cleaning standards, you might be wondering how to streamline your operations and ensure consistent excellence. That's where CleaningBnB comes in.

CleaningBnB is a leading platform specifically designed to support cleaners in the Airbnb ecosystem. With our comprehensive suite of tools and resources, we can help you elevate your cleaning services to the next level.

By leveraging the tools and resources provided by CleaningBnB, you can confidently meet and exceed Airbnb's cleaning standards. From standardized checklists to training materials, quality assurance features, efficient scheduling, and a supportive community, CleaningBnB empowers you to deliver exceptional cleaning services that leave a lasting impression on your clients and their guests.


With CleaningBnB by your side, you have the tools and support necessary to surpass Airbnb's cleaning standards. By utilizing our platform's features, such as standardized checklists, training resources, quality assurance, efficient scheduling, and access to a vibrant community, you can enhance your cleaning skills, deliver outstanding results, and cultivate a strong reputation as a top-notch cleaner.

Join CleaningBnb today and unlock your full potential in exceeding Airbnb's cleaning standards.

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