CleaningBnB is uniquely established to support owners of short-term vacation rental property that want to self-manage.

Our objective is to help owners increase their profitability and realize a higher return on their investment.

Who We Are

We started as short-term rental owners, and we quickly realized that the best way to optimize your ROI and generate attractive cash flows is to self-manage your short-term rental vacation property. We created CleaningBnB to provide owners with an ala-carte menu of services that will allow them to self-manage with confidence and avoid the excessive expense of property management. Avoiding the unnecessary expense of property management allows owners to drive more money to their bottom line. CleaningBnB is specifically and unique designed and structured for the short-term rental vacation homeowner that wants to self-manage with confidence.

Why We Are Here

We started CleaningBnB to solve the problems and challenges that confront short-term rental vacation homeowners. When we first purchased our short-term rental property, we utilized a property manager (actually, we gave over 5 property management companies a chance) only to be disappointed to find that they didn’t do a great job AND they made more money than we did on our vacation rental property. If you are a short-term rental vacation homeowner that is willing to self-manage, CleaningBnB can provide you with the resources and services to be successful. It’s why we exist, and it’s what we are passionate about.

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